8-channel DSP Amplifier
Max Power 4800w

Featuring MKG Audio quality, flexibility, and safety, plus high-efficiency performance in a lightweight, 2U unit, the D-3008 offers an impressive value for both installation and portable market.

Powered by Powersoft
D-3008 amplifiers from MKG Audio are ‘’powered by Powersoft’’ amp modules and feature full protection scheme. Additionally, it enables remote control and advanced signal processing abilities through Powersoft's ArmoníaPlus software.

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D-3008 is an extremely versatile amplification platform integrating PFC equipped power supply for universal mains operation.
For a power amplification platform delivering exceptional efficiency and flexibility, the D-3008 represents a remarkable value in a reduced-weight, 2U amplifier unit. The D-3008 is available in 8 channels, capable of providing 750 Watts per channel at 4 ohms or 400 Watts per channel at 8 ohms.

The pristine sonic performance is obtained in conjunction with the ease of use, in a compact solution.

Thanks to such experience, MKG Audio knows the importance of guaranteeing the high quality, reliability, flexibility and competitiveness needed to give life to great end products and successfully bring them to the market.

The DSP-Lite boards used in D-3008 amplifier is a 2-in/3-out processing board designed to offer powerful programming capabilities and giving designers and end-users fast and easy control in almost any application.

The DSP-Lite features a built-in Ethernet port to offer easy access to DSP-Lite's powerful programming functionalities directly from a PC using the Powersoft ArmoníaPlus software giving designers and end-users the ability to control and monitor loudspeakers, plus quick access to parameter settings, preset banks management, and group control.

DSP-Lite, ArmoniaPlus are trademarks of Powersoft audio.

Technical specifications


Maximum output power per channel @ 4Ω 750 W
Maximum output power per channel @ 8Ω 400 W
Maximum output power @ 8Ω bridge mode 1400 W
Maximum total power all channels driven 4800 W
Max Output Voltage and Current
Single Ended 78 Vpeak / 30 Apeak
BTL 156 Vpeak / 30 Apeak


Gain 26 dB
Frequency Response ( ±1 dB , 1 W @ 8 Ω) 10 Hz - 30 kHz
S/N (20 Hz - 20 kHz A-Weighted @ 8 Ω) Typical > 115 dB
Noise Floor Typical -80 dBV (A)
Crosstalk Separation (1 kHz) Typical > 80 dB
Input sensitivity 11 dBu
Input impedance 4.5 kΩ balanced
THD+N (from 0.1 W to 1/2 Power) < 0.08% (typical < 0.05%)
DIM (from 0.1 W to 1/2 Power) < 0.2% (typical < 0.05%)
Damping Factor > 500 @ 1 kHz

AC Mains Power

Power supply Universal input, regulated Switch Mode with PFC
Nominal voltage 100-240 V AC @ 50-60Hz
Operating Voltage 85-264 V AC
Power Factor cos > 0.9 @ 4 Ω full power
- Standby < 2 W (with an aux load < 100 mW)
- Idle ≤ 20.5 W @ 100-240 V AC
- Rated Load (1/4 Max Power) 700 W
AC Current Nominal 7 A | Max 25 A
Inrush Current (230 V AC) 41 Apeak